Welcome to Blue Spa & Leisure

Blue Spa & Leisure are an award-winning Spa developer and Spa management Consultancy. We’ve also set up Natural Spa Factory a wholesale emporium and private label specialist in natural spa products. We love spas and leisure facilities – we get them! We understand the importance of people getting some quality ‘me time’. In the hurly burly of everyday life it is vital that people are able to take some time out for rest, relaxation and a bit of pampering. But behind the warm, welcoming front end of the spa, there is the carefully planned and designed practical reality of making it work.

That’s where we come in. We can help you look at a site and envision a leisure facility that will delight both its users and you, its owners. Its users will want to experience a sensual journey of warmth and sensory stimulation leading to intense experience of pleasure and relaxation, coming out feeling totally chilled and at one with the world. Its owners will want to get that same wonderful chilled feeling that comes from having a facility that works well in every aspect of its operation and that turns a decent profit while delighting its users.

We can help to design, create, market and promote and manage spa or leisure facility that meets everyone’s needs and promotes happiness. And when that happens, we get that same chilled ‘at one with the world’ feeling too. So everyone wins.

If you are reading this as a potential customer of our services, it is likely that someone has told you about Blue Spa and Leisure. We don’t advertise and our marketing is minimal. Why? – because our business comes from recommendations and by word of mouth from our satisfied clients. And we like it that way