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Spa and fitness exhibitions

If you’re really serious about pools, thermal rooms and fitness equipment then there are in our opinion only 2 exhibitions that are worth going too. Both in Germany, both are well worth a visit.

Fibo is the fitness show which is on 19-22 April in  Essen – http://www.fibo.de/?sprache=englisch

Interbad is the spa show, which is on 9-12 October in Stuttgart –  http://www.interbad.de/


Food – we all love great food

Food! We all love it and it not helps re-fuel and provide energy but it’s also a relaxing experience whether it’s something you do with friends, a deux or own your own in front of the TV (who does that anymore!). So, one of the biggest relaxing experiences should be going to a spa so why are spas offering such poor food? This is even more apparent in some hotel spas that have the large kitchens and talented chefs! And when did anyone think It was acceptable to offer left over conference food as a spa day lunch!

Spas are really missing out on huge opportunities to make food a part of the experience by using healthy, fresh & local produce. It’s an easy win and gives the customer another reason to visit the spa. t – it’s not always about the latest thermal room or heated bed, sometimes it’s just doing the simplest things really well.


What a Spa guest really takes away with them.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, spa owners/directors need to examine what a guest really takes away with them! By this we don’t mean in the way of the complimentary amenities or even purchases, but in the sense of wellbeing. This might sound frivolous but do spas really provide a customer experience? Are the customers truly happy possibly even euphoric when they leave and are the emotional needs being met? After all this is what a true spa experience should instil – right?.

True spa should not be about a massage; that is, going for a massage, plain and simple.   Going to a spa requires time and commitment and a true spa should offer facilities to enable the guest to feel ‘free’, free of time constraints, free of the pressures of life and free to indulge in ritualistic bathing practices with proven physical and spiritual benefits. This all comes down to 3 things; really understanding your potential market & who you want to attract to the spa, knowing the competition and identifying the spas personality.

Doing the research at the beginning of a project is the best money you could spend to ensure you get a full picture and will vastly assist in getting these basics right.

taking the spa outside

It’s a beautiful spring sunny day and the so called poor British Climate should not be an excuse for avoiding exterior spaces. Blue Spa specialises in utilising outdoor spaces and we always try to  incorporate ‘fresh air’ as part of the spa journey. In cold climates, there is nothing more exhilarating than inhaling cool air after a sauna or sitting in a hot tub and watching your breath freeze, and in warm climates, the feeling of the sun’s rays on your skin  is a wonderful way to equalise body temperature after a cold plunge or a time in a snow cavern.  Back at home we can be as equally inventive especially when we are up against tough planning constraints  by introducing  sauna tents, cocoons and log fired hot tubs. So come on UK let’s get excited about other possibilities in spa, after all why should other countries have all the fun?