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The Garage in European spa

The Garage European Spa 2

Blue Spa’s clinet ‘The Garage’ gets another mention in Europen Spa magazine.

Busy Bees at the Garage

Busy Bees at the Garage

After much talk with the local bee keepers in County Durham, we’re buzzing to announce that our luxurious new spa skincare products are well underway for the new Garage Spa in the north east of England thanks to the sweet addition of Teesdale’s finest honey!

Here at The Natural Spa Factory( Blue Spas sister company), we’ve had our thinking caps on to try and source as many natural ingredients as we possibly can to use in The Garage Spa treatments. We’re excited to unveil that we will be gathering a flow of heather honey from 10 bustling beehives at Tees View Fine Foods. Well known for its local bees, County Durham oozes readily available and easily sourced honey: the ultimate ingredient for a golden, gleaming glow!

In many cultures honey is recognised for its medicinal benefits. Did you know that honey is a natural anti-oxidant with anti-bacterial and carcinogenic-preventing properties? It is for these reasons that we’ve been busy bees ourselves as we experiment with the different ways we can make honey work its beauty wonders in the Garage Spa treatments!

We’ve devised the Classic MOT, which takes advantage of the anti-oxidant, moisture-retaining and age-defying properties of honey to help skin retain moisture and elasticity; the Formula One, which blends honey with champagne extract and skin-renewing natural fruit acids to renew dull skin; and the Veritable Valet, which fuses honey with instantly dissolving plant oils to form a microabrasive mousse to refine your skin and encourage a healthy glow.

If all of this talk of honey has got your taste buds trembling, you’ll be pleased to hear that honey is just one of the delicious natural ingredients we use in our product formulations.  Have we told you about our cranberry crush?

Sunday times visits the Moat Spa

The Sunday Times travel journalist visit Ruthin Castle’s Moat Spa on the  weekend to do a spa review, Sho not only loved it, but she paid for extra treatments!! On the way to London she put a message on her facebook describing the hotel as “amazeballs” (i guess the Sunday Times have their own dictionary!!).  But all good and a very postive start for the Moat.

Blue Spa sites get 5 Bubbles

We are really please that both Chester and Birmingham who are under ‘The Club and Spa’ Brand achieve the highly rated 5 Bubbles award from the Good Spa guide.