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Website Bookings

Website Bookings & the Spa Industry

Currently, only approx 5% of Spa bookings are made through websites.  The rest are made through calling or e-mailing the Spa which has its limitations; bookings can only be taken during expensive manned Spa hours and customers who do not get to book their treatment immediately are far more likely to book elsewhere.  This leads to the question; Are Spas missing sales opportunities because of their outdated booking systems?

The exceptional value ($255 billion (http://www.raisondetrespas.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Global-Spa-business-2008.pdf)) of the spa industry and the phenomenal growth of digital does not correlate with the marginal number of online bookings which are being taken through websites. This indicates that online Spa booking is an industry-wide problem, which consequently requires an industry-wide solution.

In this digital age – why is the spa industry so far behind other businesses?  The Online retail world is thriving with the likes of Amazon (Annual Revenue in excess of $61 billion) and Ebay (Annual Revenue in excess of $14 billion) taking enormous annual revenue. (Source: finance.yahoo.com)

Whilst individual treatments can be taken online – a completely bespoke, tailored spa day experience cannot be booked online.

Why is this?

There are a few contributing factors as to why a bespoke treatment package cannot be currently booked through a website.

–          Complex treatment menus

–          Equipment involved

–          Therapy qualifications

are just a few.

Why something has to change:

The missed opportunities which can be attributed to this outdated booking process, are a key reason why things need to change.  For example, 5pm-9pm Monday are the busiest times for Spa bookings and enquiries.  If this enquiry is not dealt with within 24 hours then ultimately business is lost.  A website booking facility for the consumer would provide an effective solution to this problem, by providing consumers with an ‘always-on’ channel through which they can book spa packages, and also reducing the time and cost to the organisation in terms of the hours required for manning of the Spa to take bookings.

What needs to happen?

The limiting factors at the moment are the complex treatment menus offered by spas, the lack of web developers who understand the spa industry and the lack of knowledge amongst Spa owners in terms of the opportunity that website booking can offer: both in terms of flexibility, time management and opportunities (extending their customer reach).

What is required is a meeting of minds between developers and the spa industry.  The Spa industry must make their product offering (treatment menus) as website friendly as possible, and developers must familiarise themselves with the spa industry somewhat.

One of Natural Spa Factory’s solutions to this problem is the simplification of the treatment menu – not removing any products – but restructuring the menu in a way that is both appealing to consumers and works well for website bookings.

Here at Blue Spa consultancy we like to initiate revolutions.  We are putting this debate to you;

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–          Tell us your thoughts.

–          Your experiences.

–          Ideas?

–          Suggestions?


Daily Mail

In a recent review by the Daily Mail, Greta Bridge’s Garage Spa was hailed the ‘ultimate top-to-toe body reconditioning experience’.  The Daily Mail picked up on the literary history of Greta Bridge – which was immortalised by Charles Dickens in his 1839 novel The life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, during which it provided a suitable resting place for the protagonist.

A century on, The Garage Spa and Morritt Hotel offers a different sort of refuge to those who pass through.  Boasting treatment rooms, saunas, a ‘car-wash’ full body shower, steam and salt rooms, hot tubs and a wonderful outside space with a log-fire Shepherd’s Hut sauna.

One of the elements that has been continually picked up on by all reviews of the Garage Spa is the successful marriage of the history of the area to the modern luxury.   This is something which Jeremy from Blue Spa, in his consultancy role for the Garage, picked up on within the first consultation meeting.  After this initial concept was formed, the ideas followed which would strengthen the brand.

A strong brand concept which pays great attention to detail gives that all important character to the Spa – which crucially, is the difference between a standard, traditional Spa treatment and a lasting, spa experience which you will remember and share with friends and family.

Read the Full article here: (Create hyperlink from this text to here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-2292226/UK-spa-breaks-Its-great-north-Garage-Spa-Morritt-Hotel.html?ito=feeds-newsxml)

Local Reviews

The Garage Spa,  County Durham continues to delight guests with its indulgent luxury and charm; recharging and refuelling weary travellers.

Donna Clifford, who recently enjoyed a full body MOT at the Garage hailed it as the ‘ultimate country hideaway’, leaving guests feeling pampered, relaxed and refreshed.

His review, which featured in the Lancashire Evening Post and Chorley Guardian paid testament to the state-of-the-art facilities and individual personality of the Spa.


Clifford’s highlights included;

–       Unwinding in the tranquil atmosphere of the Salt Inhalation room

–       Cleansing in the UK’s first Shepherd Hut Log Sauna

–       Relaxing in the outdoor hot tub, set in the beautiful secret garden

–       Refreshing and rebalancing with the Lava Shell massage

–       Recharging in the charming décor of the individually-styled rooms

–       Exploring the beautiful landscaped gardens

–       Enjoying a gorgeous dinner in the hotels award winning contemporary restaurant ‘Gilroys’

–       A drink in the traditional pub style bar and a nightcap in the lounge by a roaring log fire.


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Spa Reviews

Our most recent project; The Garage Spa   in Greta Bridge, County Durham, has been hailed an overwhelming success as reviewed by Hannah Scott in The Times   and Eva Wiseman in the The Observer’s magazine The Observer Magazine

The creative renovation of this fantastic building epitomises the philosophy of Blue Spa Consultancy; innovatively designed Spas which fit seamlessly into their surroundings.

The  Garage Spa transforms the unique automobile history of the spa’s building, into a modern-day Spa experience like no other.   Features include; three barrel-like hot tubs: one boiling, one icy cold, “Heaven–like changing rooms”, outside fire pit Sauna in a little wooden caravan, and the UK’s first Shepherd’s Hut log-burning sauna.

Find out more about Blue Spa’s (link to case studies: http://www.bluespaconsultancy.com/our-clients/) inspiring projects and how to create a truly unique Spa experience which works with the characteristics and history of your brand to differentiate you from your competitors.