2013 Global Spa and Wellness Summit

Not sure if your travelling to New Delhi in early October, or you’ve got a large R&D budget!, but the Spa and Wellness summit is always worth a visit, just to meet like minded people and explore new ideas.

“A Defining Moment” was selected as the theme of the 2013 Global Spa and Wellness Summit because our industry is at a crucial stage of development.  Last week, a detailed Summit agenda was announced in a press release, and you will find that there is an extraordinary roster of speakers and events.  Every aspect of the program has been designed to give delegates an education in where spa and wellness has been, where it is today and where it’s heading.

If you can’t make New Delhi then don’t forget Olympia Beauty in London on 22-23rd September. Blue Spa and The Natural Spa Factory with be on site for one to one meetings, so to book a place please call 01225 582888.