Get to grips with the real costs of a spa day.

You must get to grips with the real costs of a spa day.

At Blue spa we have many difference clients that work in many different way, but a  good formula to work to could be

Based on a spa day selling at £85. Ex VAT you will get £70.83

  • Calculate your costs to employ a therapist per hour (Example-hourly rate inc NIC and holiday entitlement =  £8.06)
  • Therapist down time i.e. working an 8 hour shift and not in treatment for 25% of the shift.
  • True hourly therapist  rate per hour  = £10.74

Calculate cost of the following and deduct from the net price of the spa day

  • Guest consumables (robes, towels, slippers, refreshments)
  • Cost of treatments
  • Use of Facility charge
  • Administration/accounts allowance
  • F&B if any
  • If you sell through a 3rd party then you will need to allocate approximately 20% – 30% off the sale price.

After all this, we’ve all heard the saying turnover is vanity and profit is sanity, it’s time to really consider that if your profit margin is less than 50% – it’s time to ask is it really worth doing or how can we make it work by adding value without incurring any extra costs. Often huge saving can be made by talking and negotiating with your suppliers –visit websites like the naturalspafactory.com or contact them direct on 01225 831 352. They provide best prices and similar to John Lewis’s price guarantee will never knowingly be undersold.