A rose by any other name…

How do the likes of Orange, Apple and Amazon take such everyday words and transform their meaning in our minds? Obviously we realise that they are now huge power houses with oodles of advertising support behind them, but how do you start to think of a brand name with great potential when you don’t have millions to throw at a specialist agency?

These are certainly some of the questions that have been running around our heads back at the Spa Factory. We are on the hunt for a new brand name for an area of our business and we’ve been driven slightly doolally in the process. Not to mention there being a slight case of Tourette’s going around the office, as one or another of us blurts out a random word as a suggestion for our new brand! The process has been hard work, exiting, humorous and at times frustrating, but we’re getting there.

We’re looking for something that’s quirky, honest, gutsy, memorable, aspirational and true to our roots… it’s no simple task. If you think of something that ticks the boxes, drop us a line – there could be a goody bag in it for you!