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Who Do You Think You Are


Getting down and dirty

Director, Jeremy Smith, had great fun at the recent Monster Race in Wiltshire.



We’re very excited to announce Natural Spa Factory is opening a pop up shop in the prestigious Milsom Place, Bath.

The shop will stock many of the favourite body products bought by spas for the Christmas period, which are also available online, including; salted scrubs with whiskey and honey, spiced pumpkin and mulled wine. Soothing massage candles, peel off face masks and Christmas gift boxes filled with the decadent gold, champagne, caviar and pearl extract range, plus lots of bathroom accessories, all perfect stocking fillers.

Doors will open to the public on Friday 14 October at 10:00am.


Top 10 guide to Spa design…

Spa design isn’t about just creating a beautiful interior there are a few more basics that you need to get right in order to create a successful spa. Here is our current top 10 tips – they are not in any particular order, but by ticking these boxes you are on the way to creating a successful spa:

  1. Think carefully about what you want to achieve, work with an experienced spa consultants (like us) to write a brief that your designer can work towards. This should establish the facilities you are going to provide and the physical space this requires
  2. Look at your local market, if there is a well established Spa just down the road that has a fantastic pool and thermal area focus your attention on providing great treatments for example.
  3. Your Spa consultants should establish who your target market is as the design approach for a city centre Day Spa, were beauty based treatments might take precedence, will be totally different from a boutique hotel retreat Spa in the country.
  4. Every successful Spa has one big design idea that sets it apart from its competitors. This is the marketing photo shot/s that will hopefully appears on the cover of Conde Nast traveller.
  5. The Spa journey – this is the make or break for all Spas. Guests need to be totally immersed in the spa experience from the moment they walk into the reception until they emerge relaxed and revived after their treatment.
  6. Use your space wisely – Too many Spas waste space, don’t forget you won’t make money from having endless corridors or extra large treatment rooms.
  7. Always remember to include room for your retail offer – the extra revenue to be gained from selling the products your Spa uses shouldn’t be underestimated. This needs to be located were guest have time to view and test products.
  8. Many Spas fail because they ignore the importance of having a seamless ‘back of house’ operation. Spas are very operationally intensive, with large amounts of towels to be laundered, staff to be accommodated and products/equipment to be stored. This needs to be carefully integrated into the Spa layout to avoid impacting on the overall guest experience.
  9. Lighting – Spa interior and exterior benefit from carefully considered lighting both artificial and natural. You need to create a mood and atmosphere that transports guests away from the bright lights of modern day life. You should be able to adjust and tune lighting levels throughout the day as well as take advantage of natural daylight.
  10. Materials – Spa interiors are subjects to all sorts of wet and dry environments and each requires care when selecting the appropriate finishes.  This could be a vinyl floor finish in a treatment rooms that is impervious to spills of waxes, gels and massage oils. Areas which are often wet like the changing room showers need a suitable tiled finish to help prevent guests slipping.  All finishes need to be easy to clean and maintain.

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