Feasibility Study & Research

Whether you’re already brimming with ideas or simply know you want to create a spa but don’t know where to start, Blue Spa and Leisure takes a creative and collaborative approach to helping you research, develop and plan a spa with real wow factor.

We have developed tried and tested methodologies for researching the feasibility of starting a spa project. We cover everything from site analysis and market research to space planning and financial projections. We understand that you need to be sure from the outset that you are on a viable path to creating something that is both breath-takingly special for your customers and a profitable business.

We focus on getting the foundations right with thorough analysis and research. We’ll report back to you on our findings and present you with fresh new ideas that you many not even have considered. We build you the solid foundation of a workable plan on which to build a business.

So how should you begin this exciting journey with us? We’ve outlined each step of the feasibility study below

Feasibility Study

Step 1: Local area report

Commission our local areas report* that will contain the following:

  • Fitness Catchment Area mosaic report – this will show how many people are in the catchment area that we feel are in scope for health & fitness membership (i.e. where the majority of regular members will come from). It also gives us a breakdown by group & type, so we know what kind of people they are.
  • Competition Map showing all Fitness Gyms – this will show your potential site on a map with the catchment area around it. It will also show all other gyms & pools in the area, both private & public sector as well as anything in planning.
  • Estimate of Latent Demand for Fitness – based on the above, our supply and demand model will estimate how many fitness members we feel your site could achieve. This takes into account what the current competitors are offering and at what price point.
  • Wider potential Spa Catchment Area mosaic report – this gives the total population figure within a 1.5 hour drive time of the site. This is the potential ‘Day Spa’ catchment and gives an idea of numbers and levels of affluence.
  • Spa Catchment Area mosaic map – this map will show the larger spa catchment to give a visual representation of how far a 1.5 hour drive time stretches geographically. It will also show dots representing the population density by postcode which are shaded based on the dominant mosaic group in that area.

*Local area report available in the UK only.

Step 2: SWOT analysis

There is only one way to really check out the competition and this is to actually visit and use spas within the catchment area. This allows us to fully understand what the potential competition are offering and carry out a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis against your proposed facility.

Step 3: Design scoping

Once we gather the information in steps 1 to 3, we can start to produce a “wish list” spa design brief and agree on things like the number of treatment rooms, thermal rooms and other facilities required to give you the return on investment you are looking for.

Step 4: Space planning

We then start to look at the total space allocated for the facility and work up a space/guest flow sketch plan which will include the spa, plant rooms, showers, changing rooms and opportunities for using the outside space for spa facilities.

Step 5: Business models

Now that we have a clear plan for the amount of treatment rooms and revenue centres, we will identify a series of business model options to see which gives you the best return on investment over a 3 to 5 year period.

What next – how do we get from feasibility study to launch?

Once each of the five steps of the feasibility study is complete, the real work can begin. It’s all the preparation – you wouldn’t employ a decorator who cut corners by not filling the cracks and smoothing the surface before painting – it’s only on the back of all of the careful preparation and building a credible body of information that we make recommendations to help you choose the best way forward that will yield a good return on your investment.

Our knowledge and expertise doesn’t end here. We’ll continue your journey with you with as much input as you need to turn the ideas into a profitable business. We’ll help you find the right architects, builders, materials, spa products  and staff and set you on your way with operational planning and expert input on copywriting, marketing and PR.  Blue Spa and Leisure can be with you every step of the way.

We’ll put together a proven marketing strategy and tackle recruitment, budgeting and operational guidelines to make sure your vision is translated into practical reality. What you end up with is not just a beautiful spa or leisure facility (although, of course, it will be) but also one that offers the highest levels of efficiency and optimum profitability.

We don’t believe in simply carrying out studies and then leaving you to implement them alone. We have the experience, infrastructure and contacts to help you bring the results of our recommendations to fruition.

Contact us today to take the first steps with people who’ve done it before with great success. We greet each new project with fresh eyes and a passion for creating stunning and profitable spa experiences.