Interior Design

Outline scope of work:

  • STAGE A – Appraisal (information provided by the client)
  • STAGE B – Strategic brief
  • STAGE C – Outline proposals (Concept Study and Design) (CS)
  • STAGE D – Scheme Design Proposals (SD)
  • STAGE E¬† – Detail Design Proposals (DD)


Interior Lighting Design

  • Design concept proposals and development including description of lighting requirements and considerations, general design approach, and concept proposal sketches.
  • Lighting design layout plans showing luminaire locations, type by code and setting out dimensions where appropriate.
  • Lighting control layout plans indicating dimmer / switch control groupings from central control system.
  • Lighting electrical loading and budget costing schedules.
  • Luminaire, lamp and associated equipment schedule / specification.
  • Lighting control performance specification to allow tendering by a number of manufactures.
  • Lighting design details to allow integration into architectural and joinery elements as required.
  • Design team meeting and co-ordination with other building design elements.
  • Design and co-ordination of any necessary custom luminaires with specialist manufacture / supplier.